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Ha! I could eat all the chilli cheese dogs I want, and fries (with vinegar, of course). Baby doesn't need all those IQ points! But not to worry - the craving du jour is doughnuts. Lots and lots of doughnuts.
I thought of you every time I drove past the new Target this week. The north hills is not so much a suburb so much as it is a rabbit warren.


So what exactly do you think they mean by "support", anyway? I hate to sound so terribly cynical -- which is to say, I hate to sound as cynical as I am -- but "support" can mean a lot of things, from "we are donating 50% of our yearly profits to rebuilding" to "we sent a truckload of hot dogs to the survivors" to "there's one guy who works here who gets all dewy-eyed when he watches disaster footage".

Curse you hot dog cups! Be more specific!


Not to mention that they dumped their damaged manufacturer in Louisiana in favor of continuing the collector cups. Will they return to the original manufacturer when they get back online? I wonder.


That's really something. I'm sure it was well intentioned, but...wow.

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